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 Medical Teams

 Lake Country Pediatrics, S.C. has heard the common complaint that patients cannot see their provider on the day and time that they want.  Many of the providers have schedules that have been booked out for a long time and are tight most days.  Between play dates, activities, naps and work schedules, it can be hard to schedule an appointment when you need it.  We have heard, and we have implemented a new program in a new team approach.

 Each new baby born into the Lake Country Pediatrics, S.C. family will have their primary care doctor as well as a primary nurse practitioner.

Your primary doctor will serve in the same role as he or she does now. Your primary care doctor will come to the hospital to see you and your baby each day that you are there.  Each baby will also be assigned a nurse practitioner.

 The nurse practitioner’s role will start in the hospital. She will come to greet you after the baby is born.  She will review head to toe cares with you and, leave you a booklet published by Lake Country Pediatrics, S.C. outlining baby cares in the first 2 weeks of life. She will arrange for your home visit after discharge .  At the home visit, she will assess feeding, weight loss, voiding and stooling patterns. She will also assess access risks for jaundice and draw a bilirubin level if needed. She will arrange for the first 2 weeks of care in conjunction with your doctor.

 Your primary doctor will come to see you at home for your two-week home visit.

 After your 2 week well exam, you should call the office to schedule your baby’s well exams for the first year of life. Your assigned nurse practitioner is available to perform some of your baby’s well exams if it works out better for your schedules. She is also available for sick visits.

 Lake Country Pediatrics, S.C. has initiated this program to allow you to know two medical professionals who know you and your baby well! Whether you see your primary or your nurse practitioner, you can be assured the care team is in full communication to provide the best possible medical care for you child.

 Babies born at Waukesha Memorial Hospital will generally see Jamie Harder, PNP . Babies born at Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital will generally be seen by Nanette (Nettie) Palay, PNP .  Babies born at Aurora Summit will see either Jamie or Nettie.

 Both nurse practitioners can coordinate care across the continuum.  Similar to your primary doctor, both nurse practitioners can arrange for consults at any area facility , such as Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital Delafield, Delafield Pediatrics, Aurora Summit, The University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, or wherever the best care for your child’s particular problem warrants.

 We are excited to provide this extra provider to promote continuity of care and easier access for you and your hectic schedules!


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