Weekly Pollen Count- 6/1/16

Here are this week’s latest pollen counts for our area:

Date of Pollen and Mold Count: 6/1/2016


Pollen & Mold Summary

(Top three species per category)

Trees: HIGH concentration:

1. Pine Family with air bladders
2. Walnut, Butternut
3. All identified tree pollen not counted elsewhere


Weeds: LOW concentration:

1. Sheep Sorrel, Dock


Grass: HIGH concentration:

1. Grass Family, all types


Mold: MODERATE concentration:

1. Basidiospores: includes Coprinus, Agrocybe, Agaricus, Inocybe, Laccaria, Ganoderma, et al.
2. Ascospores: includes Leptosphaeria, Venturia, Ascobolus, Diatrypaceae, Pleospora, Xylaria, Chaetomium, Sporomiella, Claviceps, Ascomycete, et al.
3. Cladosporium

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