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Did you know that probiotics have far reaching health benefits besides just digestive health? The digestive benefits of probiotics are well documented,  but  probiotics  can also reduce allergies and even behavioral symptoms!

Probiotics are known to help diarrhea.  Newer studies indicate probiotics even reduce the risk of rotavirus—the nasty diarrhea that wrecks havoc in daycares. 

Probiotics can reduce symptoms of food allergies.  Probiotics  can reduce symptoms and inflammation in infants with eczema or cow’s milk allergy can reduce.  Studies at the University of Chicago indicate probiotics can also prevent peanut allergies and even reverse sensitivity to peanut allergies in mice.

Probiotics also help detox the body.  Probiotics increase the natural barrier in the intestines as well as bind to toxins in the gut.  Probiotics can even bind to toxic substances such as heavy metals and prevent absorption by the body.   Studies have shown a deficient intestinal barrier may increase absorption of  substances known to trigger neurobehavioral symptoms, especially in people with known autism spectrum disorders.

Probiotics are pretty amazing!


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