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Preparing for a Well Exam


2 Weeks


All that you need to do prior to your baby's 2 week well exam is to ensure that it is scheduled! 


We will come to you. 

All of the medical professionals at Lake Country Pediatrics, S.C. agree that you and your baby should stay home and get settled in. We want you to be home, comfortable, safe and without the risk of sick person exposure.

Do not clean your home for your visit.  Rest, feed, bond and relax.  Lake Country Pediatrics S.C. wants to provide all of your care for the first two weeks in the home.  If your baby needs a weight check or a bilirubin check, we will come to you.

Included in your two week well exam is a home safety assessment.  We check the baby’s crib and bassinette for SIDS proofing and we give you pointers for child proofing the home as your child grows.

This is for your convenience, to minimize your new baby's exposure to germs, and so that we can better answer any questions you have about the baby's immediate surroundings.


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