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Preparing for a Well Exam


15 to 19 Years

  1. Please bring in a sample of your child's first morning urine. Please bring this sample in a clean, enclosed, disposable container. If your appointment is later in the day, you may drop the sample by the office in the morning, or keep the sample in a refrigerator throughout the day and bring along to the appointment.
  2. Parents please remember that your teen will have a private discussion with the medical provider. Your child will begin to have a relationship with their medical provider that becomes confidential. Medical providers will not divulge information discussed with the teen unless explicit direction is given in writing by the teen. 
  3. All patients eighteen and over will have all communication directed to the patient only and if the patient or the parent want information divulged to the parent, written documentation must be part of the medical record.
  4. If your child is planning to attend college, he or she may need immunization records, vaccination boosters, physical forms, and more. We are more than happy to assist you in getting everything you need!
  5. We review immunizations at each well visit, as we strongly support compliance with AAP recommendations.

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