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Preparing for a Well Exam


After 19 Years

  1. Please check with your medical provider. Many College or University students can continue their primary care at Lake Country Pediatrics S.C. until they finish their undergraduate education. This make sense rather than transferring to an adult provider multiple times throughout the higher education period.
  2. Please bring in a sample of your first morning urine. Please bring this sample in a clean, enclosed, disposable container. If your appointment is later in the day, you may drop the sample by the office in the morning, or keep the sample in a refrigerator throughout the day and bring along to the appointment.
  3. Fasting Lipid Panel for your adult baseline. Lake Country Pediatrics S.C. will be able to run a fast, accurate Fasting Lipid Panel in the office. The results will be available before the end of the appointment. Please bring a healthy breakfast snack to eat after the nurse lets you know the test was successful. If you have an afternoon appointment, please arrange with the front desk to have a Fasting Lipid Panel done on a day prior to the well exam.
  4. Please review information for the following vaccines and boosters which may be recommended.

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