Lake Country Pediatrics used to make house calls, but now with coronavirus concerns and social distancing, they are able to drive to patient’s homes, see them inside the mobile clinic in their driveway or on their street and then disinfect it for the next appointment.

Mobile Clinic

The doctor’s office converted a bus into the mobile clinic. It is being used for “well visits” which are for people that aren’t sick and need preventative care like vaccines for children and babies.

Mobile Clinic 2

It’s something Lake Country Pediatrics hopes to continue after the coronavirus pandemic.

“Now we’re able to take it and park it outside of a family’s house, they don’t have to come into our waiting room, they don’t have to be sitting next to somebody else with a cough and more importantly, you don’t have to be sitting in a chair that someone else who had a cough two hours ago was sitting in,” Dr. Nathan Fleming said.

Lake Country Pediatrics started the driveway visits less than a week ago. Doctors are seeing around five to six patients a day in the mobile clinic.