Helping You Prepare for Parenthood

At Lake Country Pediatrics, we believe in supporting you and your family before birth and every day after. We hope to connect with parents before or during pregnancy to help answer any questions, provide support, and make plans to attend the birth. Having a child is one of the biggest events in your life and we want to help you prepare! We encourage new parents to come in and visit our clinics and meet our care team. It’s important to us that you feel safe and comfortable where your child will be receiving their care as they grow!

Our Support Services

We offer a number of new parent support services including:

When Should I Find a Pediatrician?

Looking for the right pediatrician for your growing family can take some time. You’ll want to start doing research around three months before baby is due or before you move to a new location. We recommend asking for recommendations from trusted friends and family and doing your research online to check out reviews and care philosophies.

How Do I Know I’ve Found the Right Pediatrician?

As you’re searching, feel free to call pediatric offices and request a “meet and greet” to learn more about their practice and values. If you are interested in connecting with the care team at Lake Country Pediatrics, give our office a call and we’ll get you set up to meet your new pediatrician. During the meet and greet, you should ask questions to make sure your new care provider aligns with your family’s needs.

Consider asking questions about:

  • office hours
  • after-hour care and communication
  • team structure
  • hospital affiliations and recommendations
  • ways you can communicate
  • immunization policies
  • delivery planning
  • insurance coverage
  • billing

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Dr. Moyer clinched the 1st place Top Pediatrician in Lake Country, Dr. Schilz made his mark in the top ten, and Dr. Kolp-Jurss made a stellar appearance in the top 15 – it’s a powerhouse of exceptional dedication!

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