At-Home Visits

At Lake Country Pediatrics we believe, that after birth, you and your baby should stay home and get settled in. We want you to be at home, comfortable, and safe and to limit your exposure to illness. All you need to do prior to your baby’s two week well exam is make sure it’s scheduled and we’ll take care of the rest!

There’s no need to clean your home or do anything special for our home visit. We ask that you rest, feed, bond, and relax. Our care team will provide all of your care for the first two weeks right at your home. If your baby needs a weight check or a bilirubin check, we will come to you.

Helping You Prepare Your Home for Baby

At your two week well exam we’ll also do a home safety assessment with you. Together, we’ll check the baby’s crib and bassinet for SIDS proofing and we’ll give you pointers for child proofing your home as your child grows.

This is for your convenience, to minimize your new baby’s exposure to germs, and so that we can better answer any questions you have about your baby’s immediate surroundings.

Learn More About Well
Checks for Your Children

At Lake Country Pediatrics, we follow the well-child visit schedule set by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). While it’s true you should always bring your child in when they are sick, they should also come in for regular visits for screenings, assessments, and vaccines to make sure they are growing and successfully meeting important development milestones. To learn more about the well check schedule, visit, a parent resource by the AAP.

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