Staying Healthy with LCP

Staying Healthy with LCP

Keeping Your Children Healthy Together!

Join our care team as we cover important topics in the health and wellbeing of all children! Read more about best practices in safety, nutrition, immunizations, general care, and allergies from our experts and stay up to date on the latest news from our clinics! It’s not always easy finding the right health solutions for you and your family, but our team is here to provide as much support as possible on your journey to health!


What to Expect During Your Allergy Skin Testing Appointment

Allergy skin tests are methods of testing for allergic antibodies. A test consists of introducing small amounts of the suspected substance, or allergen, into the skin and noting the development of a positive reaction (which consists of a weal, swelling, or flare in the surrounding area of redness). The test[...]

May 10, 2023|

Allergy Avoidance Tips

Ideally, the best way of avoiding allergy symptoms is by staying away from the allergens that cause them. This requires a dedicated effort because most people with an allergy to one environmental particle — pollen, dust, pet dander or mold — are also allergic to others. Each allergen, presented individually,[...]

May 10, 2023|

Important Form to Fill Out Prior to Allergy Testing

Please fill out the online document one week prior to your child’s appointment. If you have questions, please send the email to, and in the subject line, write Allergy Testing Questionnaire or call 262-569-7100. This form will help us learn important medical information about you and your family so we can[...]

December 10, 2021|

Lake Country Pediatrics Helps Lead National Fight Against Coronavirus

Lake Country Pediatrics, S.C. was featured in U.S. News for our innovative way that we are combating coronavirus.   Our mobile bus for well child checks caught the attention of the national news source.  We are leading the way in keeping everyone safe, healthy and home.  #Healthy@Home [...]

May 1, 2021|

Focus on Water Safety

Lake Country Pediatrics, SC is partnering with local swim school to provide reduced cost, skills-based swim instruction to LCP families. Justin L. Schilz, MD As the weather turns warmer and Lake Country families get some much-needed time outdoors with their little ones, it will frequently involve a trip to[...]

April 29, 2021|

March is National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month This is sponsored by the American Dietetic Association (ADA). The focus this month is “Personalize Your Plate”. You can get more information at You’ll find many links for diet and healthy eating-for all ages! Here are a few tips for the perfect “Personalized[...]

March 25, 2021|

Updated Covid 19 Precautions

Updated 3/1/2021 As we continue to forge ahead through the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Lake Country Pediatrics continues to take precautions to ensure the safety and well-being our patients and staff. -The Oconomowoc office is open for well checks of all ages, and any non-Covid related visits. All rooms are[...]

March 24, 2021|

Nominated and Awarded
Most Loved Pediatrician!

Dr. Moyer clinched the 1st place Top Pediatrician in Lake Country, Dr. Schilz made his mark in the top ten, and Dr. Kolp-Jurss made a stellar appearance in the top 15 – it’s a powerhouse of exceptional dedication!

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